Tradewind’s 2019 Tour of Australia

When you are in an office job there are occasional moments of dreaming of the great outdoors. Trekking through Kakadu, surfing in Byron Bay, sipping something cold on the Margaret River or standing under a giant Ned Kelly are usually all wistful longings. But this year in the Tradewind office, we are going on a big tour of Australia, together.

With a focus on well-being and all-round good health at Tradewind, we are recording all the exercise we do on the way to and from work and our lunchtimes. Simply by recording the kilometres we walk, jog or cycle, we will track our progress to visit as many Australian sights and landmarks as we can this year. This virtual trip around our great land is designed to help us acknowledge the amount of incidental exercise we do each day. It has also proven an incentive for some of the Tradewind crew to ditch their current travel methods and ride to work or simply get off a stop earlier on the tram and walk the rest. Every metre is making a difference and we are hoping that we can keep up the momentum throughout the year to circumnavigate our fine island nation! #movelikethewind

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