Hope Collins

Hope Collins

I hate the way my job title makes me sound like I lead a team of bandits who sell snake oil from an old-timey horse and wagon. What I really do is way cooler. I make sure we are working towards our goal of becoming synonymous with providing the highest calibre of teaching and social workers professionals.  This involves me coming up with market leading recruitment innovation (the fun part) and being a practice leader (demonstrating what intensity looks like) . I am responsible for our continued growth and same as growing anything, there is no magic involved you put in the work with a group of motivated and talented individuals pulling in the same direction and wah lah, success!

My idea of good service comes from the 1947 version of Miracle on 34th street. In a nutshell, you do the right thing by people, even if it means sending them to your competitor. When you do the right thing you’ll never go wrong.

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