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I worked for the Victorian Department of Education from 1981 until 2014, predominantly in Melbourne’s western suburbs and for over twenty years at Williamstown Primary School.  I was appointed a principal class officer in the late-nineties working as an Assistant, Acting and Co-principal for over fifteen years.  Since retiring from DEET I have worked as a lecturer at ACU, as a consultant with VicRoads, and now with Tradewind. My role with Tradewind is many and varied and include:

  • Mentoring Tradewind CRT’s;
  • Visiting and working with schools to improve the performance of CRTs and outcomes for students;
  • Planning and delivering professional development programs to meet the needs of Tradewind CRTs and school
  • Working with schools to develop individual school podcasts with the aim of improving the performance of CRTs

Overall my role and interest is to help every school and student benefit from working with Tradewind CRTs.

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