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We know that when you are coming to us to find staff on a temporary or permanent basis, you are looking for us to solve your recruitment problems quickly and effectively. You want to see a short-list of candidates that have the experience to hit the ground running and the interpersonal skills to ensure the placement leaves a positive impression.

At Tradewind, we believe it is our consultative approach that makes our service fit your organisation so snugly. From the moment you start talking to one of our expert consultants, we seek as much pertinent information as possible to ensure that when you ask us to assist with recruitment we have the best ability to provide exactly what you are looking for.

Your consultant -an expert in the sector in which you work- will visit you to gain an in-depth understanding of how your organisation operates and the programs you offer. When you request a social worker for a vacancy, we will take the time to understand exactly what you are looking for, including culture fit, and this then influences our search for the ideal candidate for your organisation. At interview stage, we take the time to prepare our social workers, rosterers and case managers, so you are only spending your precious time with the most appropriate candidates who are prepared with the right tools to impress.

If we do not have someone who can adequately fill your vacancy, we will tell you, as we believe in always being open and honest. This is a reflection of our core company value ‘Our Word is Our Bond’. Our goal is to form a strong ongoing relationship with you by impressing you with our impeccable service and the high calibre of the people we provide.

Tradewind has stringent vetting and compliance processes to ensure all of our candidates meet our exacting standards. Should you have any specific requirements we are always happy to accommodate these.

Our aim is to provide a social worker, case manager, service coordinator or rosterer who is self-sufficient, motivated and able to use their prior experience in a relevant sector in a caring, capable and efficient manner. The ultimate test of our success is the positive feedback on our service and the large number of clients who consistently come back to us for assistance with their recruitment needs.

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