Thornsbury Primary

Podcast transcript

Hi and welcome to the Thornsbury Primary School relief teacher podcast.

We have put this together to help you make the most of your day and enjoy your time with our kids!

So let’s get started!

Classes commence at 8.55 – yes 8.55 – so it is highly recommended you arrive no later by 8.25.

Parking can be an issue around the school so it is highly recommended you give yourself an extra fifteen minutes on arrival to find a park, and to ensure you check the signs before parking. The last thing you want is a parking fine.

Please dress professionally – no jeans and refrain from any casual attire.

Once parked, head straight for the school office and sign in.

There will be someone there to greet you and to provide you with all the information you need for your day with us.

You will be given a CRT pack containing information on

  • your duties for the day
  • the children in your class and any specific needs they have
  • a hard copy of the attendance roll
  • session times and
  • yard duty

If you do have yard duty this will be explained to you. Please make sure you move quickly to the designated area when required. And, no hot drinks while you are on duty. They can be an occupational health and safety hazard.

Make sure you mark the roll first thing in the morning and send this to the office. You will also need to complete this process straight after lunch.

All of the class work for the day will be left on the teacher’s desk. If you have any issue with this it is important you speak to the team leader or the teacher next door. They will be able to assist.

But please remember: everyone is busy first thing in the morning so you won’t have a lot of time to question and prepare. That is why it is in everyone’s best interest to be punctual.

Please make sure you follow the program as outlined by the teacher. This should make your day more enjoyable as the children will be familiar with the routines and current units of work.

Correct all work given and if necessary collect it for the teacher.

You will find the students at Thornsbury great to work but it is important you take a professional and positive approach right from the start of the day.

They will respond well to good communication and explanations.

If you do encounter behavioural problems employ the following procedure

1 – Verbal warning using their name

2 – Time-out in the classroom and

3 – If the behaviour continues to deteriorate you must send the child to the AP

And remember: if you are unsure who to approach on any matters that may arise during the day, simply speak to the office staff who will be able to direct you.

Children at Thornsbury do have access to technology but it is limited. The team leader will assist if necessary.

And of course, please follow typical online protocols and never comment or post any information about the school or students.

Classes are dismissed at 3.30.

At the end of the day please leave a brief summary of the work completed for the class teacher. Comments on the behaviour of individuals and/or the class may be useful.

Ensure the classroom is neat and tidy. Please turn off all computers, heaters etc. and if any furniture has been moved during the day please return it to its original position.

Before leaving your room please make sure all of the children have headed home or are being supervised. Never leave the school if a child or children remain unsupervised. Make sure you let someone know.
Before leaving the school please visit the office to sign out.

We look forward to seeing you at Thornsbury and hope you enjoy your day with us.

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