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Podcast transcript

Hi and welcome to the Northern School for Autism relief teacher podcast.

We have put this podcast together to help you make the most of your day, and enjoy your time with our students!

So let’s get started!

If this is your first visit to our school you need to know you will be working with a range of students with particular and individual needs. There may be situations you come across during the day that may be unfamiliar to you. But be reassured, the staff are very experienced and keen to assist you at all times. So be prepared to ask and to work as a team member.

Classes at our school commence at 9am so it is highly recommended you arrive no later than 8.30. Typically there is ample parking available at the front of the school in Gertz Street.

As soon as you arrive head to the main office and sign in. You will be given a name badge and this is to be worn throughout the day. Make sure you collect both the school’s Relief Teacher booklet and the Teaching and Learning protocols document.

It is important you take some time to read these two booklets as they contains vital information which will help you plan your day.

But to give you a head start we have outlined some of the key points here, so listen carefully.

One of the leading teachers will take you to your classroom where you will meet other staff members who will be working with you. These colleagues have crucial knowledge of the students and it is important you speak with them before the start of the school day. They will be able to assist you in planning and give you a good understanding of the learning needs of the students in your care.

On your way to the room you may notice a number of doors and gates. These are there to keep the children safe and it is important you close or lock them behind you whenever you use them.

Working with the students at our school requires a particular teaching approach.

The Teaching and Learning protocols document clearly outlines successful school-wide strategies for you to implement and your colleagues will have plenty of advice for you but as a general rule when working with students try to

  • Develop a positive relationship with all of them by speaking respectfully and refrain from speaking about the student to others in front of them
  • Keep your talk and instructions to a minimum
  • Always follow the routines already established for individuals and the class
  • Use the student’s visual scripts to assist with directions
  • Make sure you have defined start and finish times for activities
  • Keep the classroom neat and tidy
  • Minimise distractions – don’t over-talk, keep the blinds drawn, have all of the required lesson resources prepared and limit the amount of movement in the room

When speaking with students remain calm, speak clearly and position your body at their eye level where possible. It is rare you will address the children as a whole class. Be prepared to work individually or in small groups.

Your colleagues will advise you on how to best manage snack and lunch times. Again, be prepared to ask and follow established routines.

At the end of the day most of the children will leave the school by bus. It is important you assist with bus duty and then return to the classroom to tidy up before returning to the office to sign-out for the day.

If you are required to do yard duty make sure you watch, move around and scan. Be aware of gates and doors and ensure they are locked at all times. There will be fellow staff members in the yard with you and if any incidents arise be prepared to assist or ask for help.

If confronted with a student’s difficult behaviour both in or out of the classroom be prepared to ask for assistance so that the most appropriate behaviour strategies can be used.

Some of the students will require assistance with toileting. If this situation arises again it is important to ask your colleagues and be prepared to assist.

As with all schools Emergency Management Plans will be displayed in the classroom. Be aware of these just in case.

We look forward to you enjoying your day and NSA and hope we get to see you a lot more in the future.

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