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Hi and welcome to the Mornington Park Primary School relief teacher podcast.

There is plenty to learn about Mornington Park so let’s get started.

As you may be aware, Mornington Park runs two teaching streams, a mainstream which is similar to most primary schools and a Steiner stream where the teaching and learning is structured consistent with the Steiner Education philosophy. Before you arrive you should have been informed which area of the school you will be working in, and hopefully this podcast will give you plenty of useful information to help you enjoy your day with our students.

Classes commence at 8.50 – yes 8.50 – so it is highly recommended you arrive no later than 8.20 so you are well prepared for the day.

It is best to park in Hardy St on the east side of the school.

If you are working in the mainstream neat casual is preferred, and if you are working with the Steiner stream it is best to come in loose-fitting clothes, and refrain from wearing black. Plenty of colour and fun will suit.

Once parked, head straight for the school office on Robertson Drive and sign in.

There will be someone there to greet you and introduce you to Kath Lord, the school’s Assistant Principal.

Kath will have a CRT pack for you containing information on

your duties for the day

the children in your class and any specific needs they have

a hard copy of the attendance roll

session times and

yard duty

She will also give you a short induction and be able to provide you with the work for the day.

Make sure you mark the roll first thing in the morning and send this to the office. You will also need to complete this process straight after lunch.

If you are working in the Steiner stream Kath will be able to give you plenty of assistance to get you started but perhaps the most important thing to remember is the two streams have more in common than you might initially imagine.

In both streams the students

  • wear the school uniform,
  • address the teachers by their first name,
  • follow the same behaviour management process, and of course,
  • both streams require you to undertake normal teaching duties.

Similarly, whichever stream you are in, you will be expected to

  • follow and correct the work set
  • collect any work if necessary and
  • at the end of the day leave notes for the teacher on what work was covered and how your day went

All the children play in the yard together and the school is really one school, not two.

The kids in both streams are typically well-behaved and there is a school-wide positive behaviour program where the children are rewarded by being given tokens when they demonstrate the school values of Honesty, Kindness, Perseverance, Cooperation and Responsibility. When you arrive ask Kath how you might be able to support this program during the day.

If you do encounter any poor behaviour you need to employ the following guidelines as the children are familiar with this process.

Initially give the child a warning.

If the poor behaviour continues issue a second warning and remind the child that a third warning will require they attend the Assistant Principal’s office.

If the behaviour deteriorates a third warning means the child goes to the Assistant Principal to reflect on their behaviour.

And remember this approach applies to both streams.

Naturally there are a few key differences between the streams. When working in the Steiner program there is a strong emphasis on you being calm, open, quiet, gentle and sensitive. While the teacher will often be required to initiate and lead the learning, the focus is very much on student-centred learning.  The daily plan will explain much of what is required and how the school day is structured so please make sure you attend to this closely, and if you are unsure, your colleagues will be happy to help. You could also check out the school’s website, notably the information on Steiner through the grades found under the Curriculum tab. There is plenty of useful information here.

If you are working in the mainstream children do have access to Ipads and laptops but remember, all work on devices must be for school tasks only. Students in the Steiner stream do not use Ipads, laptops or computers, so please refrain from using any such devices yourself.

Classes are dismissed at 3.20.

Don’t forget to leave a brief summary of your day and ensure the classroom is neat and tidy. If any furniture has been moved during the day please return it to its original position.

Before leaving your room please make sure all of the children have headed home or are being supervised. Never leave the school if a child or children remain unsupervised. Make sure you let someone know.
Before leaving the school please visit the office to sign out.

We look forward to seeing you at Mornington Park PS and hope you enjoy your day with us.

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