Karringal Heights Primary

Podcast transcript

Hi and welcome to the Karingal Heights Primary School relief teacher podcast.

We have put this together to help you make the most of your day and enjoy your time with our children!

So let’s get started!

Classes commence at 9.00 – so it is highly recommended you arrive no later than 8.30.

Dress code at Karingal Heights is neat casual.

You are welcome to use the staff car park on arrival.

Once parked, head straight for the school office. Our CRT co-ordinator, Pauline Houghton, will be there to greet you and help you get started. Make sure you sign the Visitors Book on arrival.

Pauline will share information on your grade and inform you of any students with special needs, and any duties expected of you during the day.

Karingal Heights has put together a comprehensive CRT pack for you containing plenty of information to assist with your day.

You will find information on

  • Our timetables
  • Emergency management procedures
  • Yard duty
  • Our admin staff and how they can be contacted, as well as
  • Photographs and important information on the students in your care.

Please set aside a few minutes at the start of the day to familiarize yourself with our pack. It will assist you in making the most of your time with us.

A paper copy of the attendance roll must be completed both morning and afternoon. This should be completed first thing, and sent directly to the office. If you have any questions about this, please speak to Pauline when you arrive.

A hard copy of the day’s work should be on the teacher’s desk. If not, please let Pauline know. Your fellow teachers may be able to assist you with planning but remember everyone is busy first thing, so make sure you arrive in plenty of time to discuss and plan your day.

Please follow the program left for you. If you are unsure about any matter, simply ask. Karingal Heights have a very friendly team, only too willing to help. Any work completed should be corrected and if necessary left for the teacher.

At the end of the day please complete a handover page. Tradewind have one available or you can simply write your own. Let the teacher know what work was covered, what needs to be followed up and how well the children worked throughout the day.

You will find the students at Karingal Heights great to work but it is important you take a professional and positive approach right from the start of the day. They will respond well to good communication and explanations.

If you do encounter behavioural problems there are guidelines for you to follow. We suggest you employ these as your first response. If any behaviour deteriorates it is critical you seek support from a colleague or senior staff member. Both the Principal and Assistant Principal will be supportive so it is important you keep them informed and not let any matters escalate out of control.

Students at our school do have access to digital resources such as laptops and Ipads. Just remember these are for work tasks only and are not to be used for any other reason.

Classes are dismissed at 3.15.

Ensure the classroom is neat and tidy and all doors and windows are locked. Please turn off all computers, heaters etc. If furniture has been moved during the day please return it to its original position.

You will need to remain for at least 15 minutes at the end of the day to tidy up and write your handover notes. By this time all the students should have headed home or been picked up. If this is not the case please inform your teaching colleague or the office. Never leave the school if a child or children remain unsupervised. Make sure you let someone know.
Before leaving the school please visit the office to sign out.

We look forward to seeing you at Karingal Heights and hope you enjoy your day with us.

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