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Podcast transcript

Hi and welcome to the Cranbourne Secondary College relief teacher podcast.

We have put this together to help you make the most of your day and enjoy your time with our students!

So let’s get started!

Classes at Cranbourne Secondary commence at 8.45 so it is highly recommended you have signed in and are ready to start your day no later than 8.30.

Traffic and parking around the school is a significant issue most days so you should allow extra travel time. We can’t stress this strongly enough. It is far better to arrive a little early than to have to battle the traffic and parking after 8.30.

If you are early we recommend the staff car park off Russell Street. If this car park is full you may find parking in Codrington or Brunt Street near the main school gate.

Dress code for our school is smart casual.

When you arrive head directly to the administration building on the corner of Stawell and Codrington Street to sign in. You will be directed to the main staffroom where you will meet the daily organiser, Nigel.

Nigel will have a detailed CRT pack for you, and if there is time, will give you a brief induction to the school.

You will find the school’s CRT pack most comprehensive. It contains information on

  • Bell times
  • Yard duty
  • The names of senior staff
  • And your duties for the day

Make sure you look over the CRT pack as soon as you arrive. It will make your day so much easier and more enjoyable.

If necessary Nigel will also give you keys for the classrooms. You will need to sign for these and sign again when you return them at the end of the day.

Once classes commence make sure you complete the attendance roll and send this to the office.

Accessing the work for the day can be done via Compass – you will be given log in details – or you can simply refer to the hard copies. If you have any concerns about the work for the day, make sure you speak to Nigel early in the day.

Please implement the lessons outlined and make sure you follow-up on the students’ work. Correct it where required and if appropriate, collect it and leave it in the teacher’s pigeon hole. Nigel will be able to help you with this.

Students at our school do have access to digital resources such as laptops and Ipads. Just remember these are for work tasks only and are not to be used for any other reason, nor at recess or lunch.

You will find the students at Cranbourne Secondary keen to work, helpful and enthusiastic. But occasionally behavioural issue may arise. If this does happen we suggest you employ the following procedure.

  1. Issue a cautionary warning initially informing the student what behaviour you find unacceptable, and what your expectations are
  2. If the behaviour continues or deteriorates move the student to another seat or time out in the room
  3. And finally if the behaviour escalates, you need to send a student to one of our senior staff who will come to offer assistance.

If you are on yard duty during the day please refer to the school map and move to your designated area promptly. Again, if you have any concern with this please speak to Nigel early in the day.

Classes are dismissed at 3.00 on all days except Tuesday when classes finish at 2.30.

At the end of the day please complete a brief summary of the work completed for the class teacher and leave this in the teacher’s pigeon hole or hand it directly to Nigel. Feedback on your day, in particular the performance of the students and the work completed is much appreciated. Comments on the behaviour of individuals and/or the class may also be useful.

When you leave for the day, ensure the classroom is neat and tidy and all doors and windows are locked. Please turn off all lights and heaters etc. If furniture has been moved during the day please return it to its original position.

Before leaving the school please return the keys to Nigel in the main staffroom and visit the office to sign out.

We look forward to seeing you at Cranbourne Secondary College and hope you enjoy your day with us.

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