How we help teachers and educational support (CRT)

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Here at Tradewind, we understand that the most important part of our service is our teachers and educational support staff. Many of our consultants are teachers themselves, so we have first-hand knowledge of what it means to be a CRT and are able to help support you through the good times and the challenges. Your dedicated consultant (helping you find dream teaching jobs) knows your local area and will match your preferences and expertise to appropriate schools.

To help you develop as a teacher, as well as meeting VIT’s training requirements, Tradewind offers Professional Development. This is conducted during school holidays and in the evenings to ensure it is convenient for our working teachers. We have a former school Principal on staff who assists with the creation and delivery of our PD and also helps mentor our teachers through both classroom observation and via the telephone.

By working with Tradewind, you are working with a world class agency that is built on a set of core values. The most relevant of these focusses on making the time to Invest in our Relationship with you. Schools utilise our expertise because of the exceptional quality teachers who work through us and the impeccable customer service we provide. You are integral to what we do. We have helped teachers get CRT jobs (Casual Relief Teacher Jobs), Kindergarten teacher jobs, Primary Teacher jobs, Teacher Assistant jobs and all forms of High School Teacher jobs around Melbourne.


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