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Tradewind is the fastest growing agency for relief teachers in Melbourne. We believe this is due to our passion for providing exceptional service and a high calibre of teacher and educational support staff. Say goodbye to stressful mornings when you work with Tradewind. You only need to make one phone call and we take care of the rest. We will match one of our excellent educators to your needs and ensure they arrive to the school 30 minutes prior to the first bell. In addition, we seek feedback on the performance of all the staff we provide so we can regularly provide your favourites time and time again, thus fostering strong relationships with your school and your students.

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Tradewind believes in providing you with only the highest quality teachers and educational support staff and vet everyone accordingly. We meet everyone we register and apply our rigorous vetting checks. In order to ensure curriculum knowledge is up to date, all Tradewind teachers must have worked in a recent contract or be recently qualified in Australia, New Zealand, Canada or the UK.

Most of our consultants have previously taught in schools and have first-hand knowledge of the stresses faced in the school environment. Their role is to reduce the stresses relating to relief staff and provide a fully accountable service. Your school’s consultant will develop an in-depth understanding of your school and provides a personalised service that aims to exceed your expectations.

Tradewind will provide a teacher or educational support who is self-sufficient, motivated and focused on furthering the learning of the students in their care. The ultimate test of our success is the positive feedback on our service and the large number of schools who enjoy ongoing relationships with Tradewind.

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